The Dordogne and the Most Beautiful Villages of France

In the Dordogne you will discover magnificent villages full of history.



Le village de Domme, construit à 150 mètres d'altitude offre un panorama exceptionnel sur la DordogneA vestige of the Middle Ages and the 100-year-old war, Domme dominates the Dordogne. The Bastide was built on a cliff 150 meters high.

The different doors with ramparts allowing us to enter let us imagine how difficult it was for the enemy to take this strong place.

You will discover an exceptional panorama and will be able to visit the cave located in the cliff under the village. VIEW SITE




La Roque Gageac

Construit à flan de falaise et au bord de la Dordogne, la Roque Gageac est certainement le plus beau village de FranceLocated near the campsite, the Roque Gageac is a must-see site of the Périgord Noir.

Built on the edge of the cliff and on the banks of the Dordogne, you will enjoy, next to the church, an exotic garden made up of palm trees, banana trees and fig trees.

This is where the starting point of the ballades en gabarres, these famous boats will make you discover the Dordogne under another glance.




Sarlat est la cité médiévale du Périgord Noir

The capital of the Périgord Noir, 20 minutes from the campsite, Sarlat is a medieval city whose architecture evolved during the Renaissance.

Land of culture, especially for cinema, and gastronomy you will find all the specialties of Périgord, especially Saturday morning at the big market. VIEW SITE





Beynac et Cazenac

Beynac et cazenac est un village du moyen âge au bord situé au bord de la dordogne et surplombé par son château

Another jewel of Périgord Noir, Beynac and Cazenac is a typical medieval village located on the banks of the Dordogne and near the campsite.

It is dominated by its castle which it is possible to visit and which will give you an exceptional point of view on the valley of the Dordogne. VIEW SITE






Le village de Rocamadour est situé dans le lot à proximité du gouffre de Padirac. Vous pourrez notamment y retrouver le célèbre fromage portant le même nom

Located in the Lot and near the Gouffre de Padirac, the medieval village of Rocamadour is a marvel.

Built on a cliff overlooking the Alzou Valley, you can contemplate the Saint Sauveur Basilica and the Crypt Saint Amadour, both listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will also find the famous cheese bearing the same name.




Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil

Les Eyzies est un village troglodyte également surnommé le berceau de la préhistoire puisque c'est à cet endroit qu'a été découvert l'homme de cro magnonNicknamed “Cradle of the Prehisory” or “world capital of the prehistory”, it is to the Eyzies that the man of cro-magnon was discovered.

This troglodyte village contains many riches such as the cave adorned “Font de Gaume” or the National Museum of Prehistory.