Bereidingen of the Season.

Progress of our work and preparations for this new season…

As you read in our previous article, this new season is coming very quickly, we get our first group on March 17, will be accompanied by several novelties.

Here are some pictures in preview…

Nouvelles peintures et nouveau carrelage pour notre accueil de juillet et aout qui se transformera aussi en épicerie    L'accueil d'été aux couleurs du Douzou sera aussi la nouvelle épicerie du camping     

Our summer reception, opened in July and August, has been renovated. We repainted the walls, the ceiling and a tile was laid on the floor. It is also here that will be installed one of the great novelties in the Douzou, the grocery store.


We received a few days ago our brand new heat pump. With a weight of 260 kg, it will allow our large pool of 114 m2 to be heated all season. Water at 28 ° from 1st April to 30th September. Another great first in Douzou.

Notre plus vieux mobile Home en attente sur le parking du camping pour être recyclé    Le mobile home Willerby était le plus vieux locatif du camping, il sera remplacé par Bermudes neuf    L'ancien emplacement du Willerby a été agrandi pour recevoir le nouveau Bermudes        

 Nous avons agrandi l'emplacement numéro 28 qui accueillera un mobile home Bermudes neuf    Confort, espace, nature au camping 3 étoiles Le Douzou en Dordogne Périgord Noir, c'est pou cela que nous avons agrandi l'emplacement 28 avant qu'il ne reçoive un mobile home Bermudes neuf

End of a story for our oldest Mobile Home. The willerby has left its pitch 28 and is waiting in the parking lot for recycling.

We took the opportunity to enlarge the space that will accommodate one of our two new Bermudes 2017. This is a mobile home of 3 bedrooms that can accommodate 6-8 people. The master bedroom has a 160 x 200 cm bed, there is a towel dryer in the bathroom and TV is included .

Another great first in the Douzou, the terrace will be covered

19 april 2017

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