Enjoy your stay at the campsite to discover de nieuwe grot van Lascaux.

The Dordogne in honor with the new cave of Lascaux.

The new cave of lascaux is at the foot of the hill sheltering the original cave. The prehistoric men painted and engraved urochs the ancestors of the bulls that were reproduced identically in the new Lascaux.

les hommes préhistoriques ont peint et gravés des urochs les ancêtres des taureaux qui ont été reproduit à l'identique dans le nouveau Lascaux la nouvelle grotte de lascaux se trouve au pieds de la colline abritant la grotte originale Les hommes préhistoriques ont peint et gravé de nombreux chevaux dans la grotte. Ces oeuvres ont été reproduites intégralement et à l'identique dans le nouveau Lascaux

The original cave reproduced in its entirety.

All the paintings and engravings of the cave, discovered by chance in 1940, have been reproduced identically. The tour is accompanied by a guide. Each visitor is also provided with a touch pad.

The experience continues beyond with the workshop space giving another much more detailed look on the works. You can also paint like prehistoric men on large touch screens.

Immerse yourself in the cave through the 3-D theater and the space dedicated to augmented reality.

Discover the new Lascaux during your stay at the campsite.

As of 07 April 2023, the Douzou opens its doors. Take advantage now of the small prices of our accommodations, not to mention our discounted rates during the first fortnight of July.



30 maart 2023

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