The Dordogne … The Valley of the Thousand and One Castles

No other destination in France than Périgord offers such a varied tourist offer.

Find the most beautiful Castles of the Dordogne Périgord Noir near the campsite

Impossible to quote you all the castles that count the Dordogne and the Périgord so much the list is long. You will discover some of them during your excursions but we can already present you the most famous ones.

The Castle of Castelnaud

Le château médieval de castelanud offre un panaroma exceptionnel sur la vallée de la Dordogne. Parfaitement restauré, vous découvrirez une impressoinnante collection d'arme et d'armure du moyen âge

This castle built in the 12th century offers an exceptional panorama over the valley of the Dordogne. Perfectly restored, it contains an impressive collection of arms and armor of the Middle Ages.

The visits are animated by the demonstrations of the blacksmith, the crossbowman, the cook or even the master of the weapon. You may be required to try an armor or to train yourself to the use of the sword… 

The Castle of Milandes

Célèbre pour avoir appartenu à l'actrice Josephine Baker, le château des milandes vous permet également de découvrir de magnifiques jardins et un spectacle de rapaces

Famous for having belonged to the actress Joséphine Baker, the interior of the castle, built in the 15th century and completely restored in the 20th century, is exclusively dedicated to the Franco-American actress.

The visit will also open the doors to the magnificent “French-style” gardens where you can watch a spectacle of bird of prey under the aegis of falconers

The Castle of Beynac

Le château de beynac est un vestige du moyen âge et de la guerre de 100 ans. Dominant la vallée de la dordogne, il vous offrira un point de vue exceptionnel

A remnant of the Middle Ages and the 100-year-old war, Château de Beynac offers a magnificent panorama of the Dordogne valley.

Perfectly preserved, it was the property of Richard Coeur de Lion and served as decor for the films “Jeanne d’Arc” by Luc Besson.

The Castle of Commarque

Mélangant architecture troglodyte et médiéval, le château de commarque domine la vallée de la baune et retrace 15000 ans d'histoire

A mix of troglodyte and medieval architecture, the castle of Commarque will make you plunge back into 15000 years of history.

It is located in Les Eyzies, cradle of prehistory. Dominating the valley of Beune, the visits are animated by workshops such as archery, stone sculpture or medieval calligraphy … Games (quizzes, plays) are also organized

You can also find all the castles of Dordogne on the guide of Perigord. Known for its beautiful villages and prehistoric caves, the Dordogne is also a land of gastronomy and sports.