An ecological campsite in Dordogne.

Many actions are carried out in Périgord to make it a land of ecological excellence. We try to apply this principle to our campsite in Dordogne. Every year we think about changing our behavior. By associating yourself with this approach, we can together contribute to a better respect for our environment.

A campsite in Dordogne with eco-responsible operation.

Our campsite is located in the heart of the Perigord Noir nature, far from the road and pollution. Its image is associated with the fauna and flora that surround it. It is therefore obvious to adopt principles that preserve the environment.

Our electricity is 100% green. We chose a supplier “Mega Energie” that only offers electricity from local green producers such as wind and photovoltaic.

We control the consumption of lighting. 100% of camping bulbs are low consumption (LED). The exterior lighting is set on timer and some aisles are equipped with solar lights. The lights of the 2 sanitary blocks, the laundrette and the toilets of the snack shop work by presence detectors.

Camping nature écolo en Périgord

All the taps and showers in our collective toilets are equipped with timers. We conduct regular surveys of our water meters to prevent leaks.

The majority of our trips inside the campsite are on foot, by bike or by electric cart.

90% of our cleaning products are eco-labeled. This aspect is as important to protect nature as the health of its users.

We print a lot of documents. We use a printer without a cartridge or toner. It is equipped with low consumption ink tanks that we fill manually.

A 7KW charging station is available to charge electric vehicles.

Vehicle traffic is prohibited in the alleys of the camping pitches. It is authorized until 23:00 for access to rental (mobile home, tents lodges).

The Asian hornet is a scourge especially for bees. Thus, we are setting many traps in the spring. The goal is to catch the queens out of their hibernation to prevent them from creating a new swarm. a captured queen avoids the birth of 2500 hornets.

Camping fleuri pour les amoureux de la nature

We do our utmost to favor local products and short circuits for the supply of our groceries and snacks.

Our animator will be specially trained to organize activities on the theme of nature. Your children will have fun in discovering the fauna and flora.

Clé verte

In 2019 our commitment was rewarded by obtaining the “Clef verte” label.
“Clef verte” is the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation and restaurants.

Idées et conseils

Help your campsite in Dordogne by practicing eco-friendly tourism.

Some tips for a holiday under the sign of sustainable development :

  • Turn off the lights in your absence.
  • Do not forget to turn off the light from the terrace of your rental by going to bed.
  • Sort your garbage and use the camping compost.
  • Be attentive to your water consumption.
  • Use the heaters of your rental as necessary.
  • Privilege local producers for your purchases.
  • Do not take your car to move around the campsite.
  • Use the economic program of the washing machine..
  • Leave your used batteries in the bin at the reception.
  • Do not throw your garbage in the nature.
  • Do not use disposable crockery.
  • Only throw toilet paper in the toilet.
  • Respect the flora and fauna around you.
  • Make young campers aware of good practices.
  • At the pool or at the river, use solar milk. The oil does not dissolve in the water.
champs nature Périgord camping

Feel free to share your ideas and experience to improve the ecological approach of our campsite in Dordogne