The Caves and the Chasms of Dordogne

The Périgord is a feast for the eyes because there are many sites to visit.

The Dordogne counts numerous caves and chasms sometimes blending the Geology with the parietal art.

Lascaux 4

Lascaux 4 offre la reproduction intégrale de la grotte originelle

Sanctuary of the Parietal art, Lascaux 4 is the integral and identical reproduction of the original cave discovered in 1940.

Beyond the cave, all modern technology is at your disposal to study as closely as possible the drawings and engravings of prehistory. Projection 3D, augmented reality and touchscreen will accompany you throughout your visit. VIEW SITE


The Chasm of Padirac

Descendez vers le centre de la terre pour un voyage inoubliableAfter admiring the gigantic gouffre on the surface, you are invited to travel over 200 meters underground.

You will discover in boat and then on foot the geological treasures like the gigantic stalactite of 60 meters.

Padirac is the largest chasm in France with a permanent ambient temperature of 13 °, ideal for high heat. VIEW SITE



The Cave of Cougnac

Alliant richesse géologiques et art pariétale les grottes de cougnac sont parmi les rares grottes contenant des dessins préhistoriques encore ouvertes au public

The Caves of Cougnac combine the beauty of geology and parietal art.

Discovered in 1954, you can admire genuine prehistoric frescoes depicting cervidae, mammoths … dating back more than 30,000 years.

The cave is one of the rare in France still open to visitors without having been reproduced. VIEW SITE


The Cave of Domme

Placée sous l'i=un des plus beau village de France, la grotte de domme vous fera découvir des milliers de stalactites

Situé sous Domme, l’un des plus beaux villages de France et moins de 10 minutes de camping, la grotte vous fera découvrir sur 450 mètres ses plafonds ornés de milliers de stalactites.

La visite se termine par une vue exceptionnelle sur la vallée de la Dordogne.

Making the complete list of the caves and chasms of Dordogne Périgord would be impossible. Tourtoirac, Rouffignac, Maxange, Proumeyssac … and many others make up the tourist wealth of our department.



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